Steel Body Band Saw


We offer a wide range of Steel Body Bandsaw Machines.These machines are in high demand, both in the domestic as well the international markets for cutting of wooden logs and all type of wood pieces. Manufactured using quality raw material and precisely balanced wheels keep it steady and silent while cutting, our products are appreciated for their zero maintenance, sturdy construction and durability. 


Model SB-12 SB-15 SB-18 SB-21 SB-24
Size Of Wheel 12"/ 300 MM 15"/ 380MM 18"/ 450 MM 21"/ 530MM 24"/ 610MM
Size Of Table 12" X 12" 18" X 20" 22" X 26" 22" X 26" 26" X 30"
Motor Req. 1 HP  2 HP 2 HP/3HP 2 HP/3HP 3 HP/5HP

Table size can be increased as per customer requirments .

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